Architects of the Future

Innovators in various micro-optic + light-management fields, NanoPixel’s team of skilled engineers and designers constantly strive to expand the boundaries of physical + graphic potential. Using multiple patented techniques, NanoPixel integrates high levels of security with aesthetic imagery which cannot be replicated or counterfeit, resulting in a final product which is visually dazzling and confidently secure.

Using state-of-the art methods to achieve microscopic accuracy, NanoPixel® prides itself on it’s ability to produce sophisticated security features using tolerances traditionally unseen in the market.

A multi-point verification system is ideal for combating today’s modern counterfeiter. Covert, overt, and forensic layers are easily integrated into visually appealing graphics resulting in a confidently secure, gorgeous, custom feature.

High grade construction allows our designers to push the envelope of what is possible graphically. Our patented (and patent-pending) generation platforms allows for a wide range of designs using a custom company logo or other icon. Our team is ready to work with you to design the perfect effect for your product or brand.

NanoPixel Is A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Lumenco, Inc.