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About NanoPixel®

NanoPixel®, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lumenco, is a global leader in anticounterfeiting brand protection. Our team of engineers and designers have more than 40 patents for micro optic and lens technology applied in dozens of industries and use cases, including currency, IDs and commercial product packaging.

Lumenco is based in Englewood, Colorado and has decades of experience in anti-counterfeiting solutions. We are a truly global company with a joint venture name Lensys Sarl based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Lensys Sarl is the exclusive licensee of certain Lumenco technologies in the banknote area.

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Mark Raymond

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board of Directors

A well-established entrepreneur, scientist, and businessman, Mark, has founded and been CEO of several companies, including Collector’s Edge (founder), Raymond Enterprises (where he served as CEO), Plastiprint (co-founder), and DCL Motion Products (owner). Combined, these companies combine for sales of $30 million. More recently, Mark served as Chief Scientist for Genie Lens Technologies, LLC, a developer of anti-counterfeiting, solar and lens products.

Mark is considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on micro-lens imaging, and he has authored approximately 52 patents in optical sciences, including patents in anti-counterfeiting, solar technologies, and associated software.

hector porras

Hector Porras

Vice President of Research + Development, Director

Hector brings significant experience in developing new lenticular technologies with a wide variety of applications to Lumenco. Hector began his career as a television show producer for the Chilean National Television.

In 2006, Hector shifted gears and served as Account Manager for DCL Motion Products, a developer of lenticular products. Prior to joining the Lumenco team, Hector served as Product Development Engineer for Genie Lens Technologies, LLC, a developer of anti-counterfeiting, solar and lenticular products. As an industrial civil engineer, Hector also contributes his experience as COO in several manufacturing and logistics companies.

michael german

Michael German

Director, Brand Solutions Development

Michael German leads Scientific development of pigments, inks, and coating chemistries, now for new Lumenco® NanoDye™ process. Michael has a long career beginning in digital printing ink at Indigo® (Israel), launching the original USA strategic development projects in 2001, and later launched Gans Security Ink in California for years.

In 2006, Mr. German joined Authentix® to begin a new Security ink business. While developing advanced QC standards, Michael leads technical security implementations in a variety of new product development & customer field projects for Govts, Central Banks, and Brands – training and working with security & banknote printers globally to deploy innovative protection solutions. Michael is especially adept at developing new publicly-verifiable anti-counterfeiting features using rare Optically-Variable pigments to Nano-Dye™ materials.

Mr. German joined NanoPixel® Security Solutions in October 2019 in the position of Director, Brand Solutions Development. Michael’s Leadership in this new optical authentication field is expanding a new generation of image-embedded micro-lens and micro-mirror technologies for multiple vertical markets.

Michael lives in Denver, CO, with his family.

kevin harrell

Kevin Harrell

Director, Brand Solutions Consulting

Kevin Harrell is a career veteran in Brand Protection Solutions Design, Strategy, Product Development + Commercialization. Mr. Harrell began his career with 3M® for 11 years, then with Creo® for 10 yrs, eventually being acquired by Kodak®. He has launched 2 previous Hi-Tech startups in the Product Security space which remain thriving companies today; and succeeded in turning-around another Brand Protection business resulting in larger and more profitable business ops than ever before. Mr. Harrell is especially adept in designing new financial business models in BRP Technologies to meet requirements of Brands protecting their invaluable products and consumers. Kevin brings a long history in image processing software, IT Consulting, covert markers and readers, and strong knowledge in printed packaging processes and methods in FDA-regulated Healthcare and Pharma markets.

Contact us to learn more or to discuss a customizable solution for your brand and budget.

Leaders in Anticounterfeiting Brand Protection