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Customized Solutions

Our labels, seals, cartons, and security emblems are utilized across multiple industries, including healthcare/pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, security documents, footwear, apparel, luxury goods, software products, and more. NanoPixel® customized solutions provide:

NanoLock™ 40µ — Tamper Evident Authentication

Our thinnest material, NanoLock™ 40µ delivers stunning visual effects at only .0015 inches thick. This is the ideal solution for brand protection or authentication applications which require a frangible (broken when opened) or tamper-evident authentication label, including pharmaceuticals, technology devices, fuels, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, food products, fashion apparel and luxury goods, and other consumer products.

NanoLock™ 40µ is easily integrated into the manufacturing process and can be armed with layers of security to accommodate any product while maintaining visual appeal.

NanoLock label

  • Overt, thin and flexible 3D-labels for any kind of packaging—cans, bottles, bags, boxes, etc.
  • Dynamic 3D animation
  • Optional covert + forensic layers available
  • Track and trace, product serialization
  • Tamper evident
  • Standard and Custom designs available
NanoLock™ 70µ — Advanced Brand Protection

The NanoLock™ 70µ micron displays a greater range of effects at only .00275 inches. This is used for Product Labels to protect products ranging from fashion apparel to electronics to industrial tools. Completely custom designs are possible using logos or other distinct iconography.

Nanolock 70 Vodka bottle render

NanoLock70 Sample Proof

  • More complex illusions in visual effects are unmistakably authentic and secure
  • Thin flexible 3D-labels for all types of packaging—cans, bottles, bags, boxes, etc.
  • Dynamic 3D animation
  • Track and trace, product serialization
  • Tamper evident
  • Standard or Custom designs using your Brand Identity messaging
NanoMoví™ 125µ — Superior

The multi-axis activation of our NanoMoví™ 125µ, described as “magical,” is capable of displaying 3D movement/animation that appears floating 20mm+ above and below the label surface. At a thickness of .0049 inches, this option is ideal for durable brand protection and brand enhancement applications for luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, and high-end consumer goods. The tiny “movie” can be incorporated into NanoPixel® packaging film material design, or built into the product itself.

NanoMovi 125


  • The pinnacle of micro lens technology
  • Thin and flexible 3D-labels for any kind of packaging—cans, bottles, bags, boxes, etc.
  • 3D depth with movie-like animation qualities
  • Track and trace, product serialization
  • Standard and custom designs using your brand security emblems
  • Dual-Axis dynamic motion
Dycyfer™ Micro-Mirrors – Go Beyond Holograms

Dycyfer MicroMirror

Translucent Micro-Mirror
Multiple Hidden Images
Color Micro-Mirror
Dycyfer™ Micro-Mirror Molded Brandmarks – On-Product Identification

NanoPixel® patented micro-mirrors rival holography in the visual effects they are capable of displaying. Extremely eye-catching reflective or transmissive construction can display a variety of dazzling effects ranging from overt “ambient light” imagery to covert “direct light” imagery which is revealed via focused light source, such as a smart phone camera flash. The nature of the micro-mirrors allows us to supply them as “Mold Marks” for applications in injection molded plastics, silicones, rubber, molten metals including steel, and thermal coatings. Our micro-mirrors have applications in hi-liability industries such as aerospace + automotive, sports equipment, precious metals, and other warrantee-guaranteed components where the feature will be physically integrated into the product itself.

Dycyfer MicroMirror

Dycyfer MicroMirror

Brandmarks molded into the product construction is an economical method to authenticate official brand products, when:

  • Product volumes are extremely high;
  • The Brandmark must be ON-product, rather than on-packaging materials;
  • Non-additive Brandmarking is required in product mfg process;
  • The Brandmark must survive entire life of the product, and possibly longer;
  • Product authentication must be very low cost.
plastic sleeve seal on bottle
Dycyfer™ Micro-Mirrors in Shrink-Sleeve packaging materials

We have prototyped a new development using our patented micro-mirror Brandmark molding in polystyrene films, polyesters, plastics, and polypropylenes. These materials are widely used to manufacture tamper-evident shrink-sleeves ~ then shrunk around container openings and lids in filling/packaging facilities, and used in public markets to prevent product pilfering. From our experience in Brand Protection, we have learned that it’s often ideal to apply Product Authentication features in a packaging material that is torn-away and disposed of to prevent packaging materials re-use.

Security Inks
Security Inks—Customized Printable Security for our Licensed Converting Partners

Our customizable security inks are used for brand protection, authentication, and security documents. Most of our ink technologies consist of a combination of overt, semi-covert, and covert security features, including optically variable pigments, invisible inks, sparkling and mirror-like ink, and ink only visible with our unique verifiers, and all can be applied using a wide-range of printing methods.

Security Inks proofs
  • Consumer-oriented ink technologies for pharmaceuticals, spirits, automotive, personal care and other industries
  • Completely customizable
  • Compatible with a wide range of printing methods—lithographic, flexographic, gravure, intaglio, screen, tampography, digital inks, and more
  • Patented security ink technology options include color shifting inks, invisible ink, sparkling ink, ink with a polarizing effect, mirror-like ink, ink only visible with our unique verifiers, when heated or when viewed from a particular angle, and more
  • Covert materials can be specifically selected for IR, or UVA, UVB and UVC security light sources

Leaders in Anticounterfeiting Brand Protection