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Track + Trace

Designing a Brand Protection Strategy requires many questions to be answered, including: Serialization and Coding, Overt vs. Covert, interaction for richer consumer-to-brand experiences, and product authentication.

NanoPixel® Solution Program Goals are aligned with Brand Owners: to track product integrity through easily identifiable overt marking solutions, then trace supply/distribution integrity thru consecutively-connected-steps in the database tracking system using our (overt or covert) machine-readable technologies.

track and trace diagram

More Information

  • We provide advanced IT Consulting to help Brand Owners enable Blockchain interoperability in challenging IT environments where disconnected SaaS database clouds are required.
  • Ask about our “Corp Product Counterfeiting + Risk Management” Seminars: from experience, we know how to build measurable Risk Models, project the improvement results of anticounterfeiting programs based upon 30 years of experience, and help Brand Owners construct ROI models for comparing cost vs. project results from implementation of a Product Protection Solution.
  • Our experienced Brand Protection Consultants deliver custom SOLUTIONS tailored to unique needs of our hi-profile Brand clients.
  • Brand Protection can be complex: please allow our Solutions Consultants to help you understand each step, and simplify decisions that make it easy and cost-effective for your Brand to enable a Product Protection system… all to protect your invaluable consumers!

Leaders in Anticounterfeiting Brand Protection